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Learning Experience - All In One

Vconnekt has many features to help your employees learn and develop


Learning Feed

We aggregate various learning resources making it intuitive for both individual learners and teams — Vconneckt works hard to make it easy for you.


Collaboration that helps glean both the explicit and implicit knowledge of friends and experts. Vconnekt give you the ability to share ‘know-how’ both by learning and by observation.


Save pertinent resources in your ‘collection’ area to access at anytime later. Make your collections public to allow others to see your library.


Let our algorithm recommend experts/ mentors/ coaches personilised for an individual or a team, making the learning journey more efficient.


Regular assesments, guided workflow, reminders and expertly recommended ‘next action’ to let them stay on top of their goal and remain on track and ‘achievements’ dashboard to keep them motivated during their learning partnership.

Data Intelligence

Vconnekt provides data intelligence to users to track their learning journey.

Informal learning

Social Learning

Social Media has changed many aspects of or lives and now is bringing positive disruption in our learning and development methods too.


Collective Intelligence

Provide employees modern tools for knowledge sharing and see them develop by accessing collective intelligence of the organisation.

How it works

Getting started and using our product is easy peasy!




Get your employees to register on the platform. Businesses have the freedom to decide to keep registeration open for employees or create HR managed multiple programs inside Vconnekt.


Resource Recommendations

Upon succesful registeration employees receive resources (Videos, Courses, Articles, People) recommendations on their home-page.




Employees can connect and recommend learning resources to each other based on skills and other matching critierions.


Manage and Measure

Employees learning partnerships are guided and managed by Vconnekt with reminders, notifications and data intelligence for smart management.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

What is Vconnekt?

Vconnekt is a first of its kind Social Learning Platform for Talent Development.
We connect individuals to the best possible experts/ mentors/ coaches and learning resources. We create personalised learning environment with the help of tehnologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Why Vconnekt?

We help your employees learn from each other. Vconnekt aggregates and curates content from various learning sources, making it easy for your employees to access 'body of knowledge' anytime, anywhere. It uses machine intelligence in combination with human intelligence, to create a far superior learning experiene. It provides a learning support that every employee seeks from its organisation

Why Collaboration, Mentoring and Coaching?

People learn the most from each other. It is that simple! Structured 'mentoring and coaching' programs, when done well, leads to higher engagement in employees. Furthermore, it leads to higher employee retention and better knowledge sharing between employees.

Do Vconnekt supports Micro-Learning?

Yes. Vconnekt can be used to deliver micro learnng content. In fact, we support all kinds of content.

Tool Integration?

If you want to integrate Vconnekt with your companies existing HR systems then please contact us.

What is unique about Vconnekt?

We are first of a kind platform that provides a modern, effective and engaging learning environment by utilising 4 drivers of effective learning. In Vconnekt parlance, it is called as 2C+2E (Content + Collaboration + Expert + Engagement).

Why do you ask several questions on registeration?

Vconnekt needs certain information to set-up your account and provide you the best possible recommendations on people and resources. You may change the information that you have given anytime after registeration and Vconnekt will change itself according to your new interests.

What is your revenue model?

Businesses can subscribe to our SAAS model and pay on per user basis. For specific questions on pricing please Contact us



Our pricing is based on simple SAAS model depending upon certain choices you make regarding the use of cloud infrastructure. Choices are given below. For pricing please contact us or send us an email at harsh@vconnekt.com

Plan 2

License M1Pr- Hosted on a private cloud
Includes only mentoring module
1 dedicated customer success manager

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Plan 3

License M2Pr- Hosted on a private cloud
Includes all modules
1 dedicated customer success manager

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Our Team

Meet our small but dynamic team

Harsh Sharma
Founder and Chief Learner
Sonika Sharma
Co-founder and Chief HR Learner
Suresh Prajapati
Lead Technology Learner
Gouri Gosian
UI Learner
Sidharth Bhayana
Technology Learner
Priyank Goyal
Technology Learner
Kapil Sharma
Technology Learner
Vivek Sharma
Technology Learner